Environmental Impact Assessment

We conduct EIA for proposed projects in accordance with the Environmental Management and Coordination Act (CAP 387) to identify potential environmental impacts and mitigate against adverse impacts for eventual licensing of the project by NEMA.

Environmental Audit

We systematically evaluate and document facility activities and processes to determine how they align with the environmental health and safety policies and registration.

Diligent Environmental Consultancy Limited (DECL)

DECL is a registered company that offers Environmental Consultancy with specialization in Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Environmental Audit Consultancy (EA). Our focus is to help businesses and individuals integrate an environment-centric approach in their projects within the confines of existing environmental management policies.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

We work with businesses and individuals to examine the environmental effects of a proposed project. We identify both positive and negative impacts, and explore how the project can affect the people in the surrounding and their properties such as land or buildings. DECL also comes up with measures to mitigate negative impacts while maximizing the positive impacts. With a proper Environmental Impact Assessment, you can incorporate environmental health and safety at all stages of your project.

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Environmental Audit (EA)

Environmental Audit is essential to ensuring your project activities conform to the environmental policies and practices. We help you to evaluate and document activities and processes in your facility to ensure they are in line with the environmental policies and registration. With a comprehensive environmental audit, you can establish the level of compliance of your facility. The environmental management plan developed during the environmental audit is essential in mitigating any adverse environmental health and safety issues.

Our Team

DECL  Team comprises of NEMA registered lead experts , associate experts and professionals drawn from the following sectors:

1. Environmental Science

2. Renewable Energy

3. Construction

4. Project Planning


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About Us

DECL is an environmental consultancy firm that offers services of outstanding quality in accordance to Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act CAP 387, IFC Sustainability Framework, and World Bank Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines. 


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