Environmental AUDIT

DECL offers environmental audit services to our clients in Nairobi and other parts of Nairobi. We are well-experienced in conducting research and creating detailed audit reports based on the context and site of a project.

What is Environmental Audit

Environmental Audit (EA) is a mandatory annual systematic evaluation of activities and processes in a facility or establishment to check how they conform with the Environmental management policies. A comprehensive EA is essential in promoting safety, health, and sustainability in the environment at all stages of project operations.

Objectives of Our Audit Service

The objective of Environmental Audit is to help National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) determine if proponents of projects or establishments are complying with the environmental legislation and requirements in place. NEMA is mandated to manage environmental audits and all audits carried out are submitted to the agency for review.

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Who conducts Environmental Audit

An environmental audit is carried out by a qualified environment expert who has to be registered with NEMA and possess a valid NEMA license. At DECL, we have NEMA authorized experts with vast experience in carrying out environmental audits.

Establishments that have to undergo Environmental Audit

Environmental audit has to be undertaken for institutions or activities due to their impacts to the environment and people. This includes all establishments that have been in operation before implementation of the 2003 environmental regulations and new projects commenced after completion of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

How Environmental Audit is done

Environmental Auditing is done onsite and has to involve authorized environmentalists to check the site, document its conditions, and assess whether it aligns with the environmental management practices and enforced legislation. At DECL, we conduct a survey of the site to determine the cost of the audit process. Next, we check the type of activities taking place in the establishment, and audit their level of compliance. We prepare a detailed environmental audit report for the site and submit it to NEMA for review and advising.

When to carry out Environmental Audit

Environmental Audits have to be done annually and a comprehensive report prepared and submitted to NEMA. Failure to conduct the audit can lead to prosecution of owners or proponents for failure of compliance.

Our Environmental Audit Themes

We develop Environmental Audit reports under the following themes:

  • Identifying and assessing the potential environmental and social impacts of a facility activities.
  • Identifying and recommending measures for mitigation of potential adverse impacts.
  • Verifying the level of a facility compliance with environmental and key national regulation.
  • Generating baseline data for monitoring and evaluation during the facility project cycle.
  • Preparing EA Project Reports compliant with the Environmental Management andCoordination Act (CAP 387) and detailing findings and recommendations.

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