Petrol Service Station Project

The Proponent of the proposed development project was proposing to put up a petroleum service station at Kimathi University area, Nyeri County along Nyeri-Nyahururu Highway. By undertaking the assessment, the proponent sought to comply with the Legal requirement stipulated in the Environmental Management and Coordination Act Cap 387 and the subsequent Legal supplement of 2003 with eventual NEMA approval and licensing of the project.

The EIA objectives of the project are:

  • To identify the potential environmental impacts resulting from the development of the petroleum service station and propose the mitigation measures against these negative effects.
  • To generate baseline data on how mitigation and evaluation measures will be carried out during implementation of the project.
  • Prepare environmental management and monitoring plans for the proposed project.
  • To assess the compliance of the project with provisions of legal, institutional frameworks as provided in EMCA Cap 387.
  • To suggest measures to prevent health and safety hazards and to ensure security in the working environment for the employees, residents and for the management in case of emergencies
  • To prepare an EIA report compliant to the Environmental Management and Coordination Act (Cap 387) and detailing findings and recommendations.