Powergen Audit

Environmental Audit was done subsequent to the Initial Environmental Audit undertaken on 4/8/2017 reference no. NEMA/NRB/EA/5/2/3285.It was conducted in compliance with Environment Management and Coordination Act (Chapter, 387) and the provisions of Environmental (Impact Assessment and Audit) Regulations 2003 which requires that any existing facilities to prepare annual environmental audit report and submit it to NEMA.

Objectives of Undertaking the Environmental Audit were: 

  • To identify  and  assess  the  potential  environmental  and  social  impacts  of  the  ongoing activities;
  • To identify and recommend measures for mitigation of potential adverse impacts.
  • To assess the existing internal control mechanisms to ensure the workers’ health and safety
  • To verify compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations.
  • To recommend measures to be implemented to mitigate existing and anticipated impacts.
  • To prepare Annual EA  Project  Report  compliant  with  the  Environmental  Management and  Coordination Act (CAP 387) and detailing findings and recommendations.