We offer environmental consultancy services to businesses and individuals looking to implement projects that require environmental audit and NEMA licensing.

What We Offer

Diligent Environmental Consultancy Limited (DECL) is a leading firm offering environmental consultancy, support and advice across all core environmental disciplines led by EIA.

We focus on developing environmental, safety, and health solutions within the context of our clients’ projects. We are committed to environmental improvements to promote a sustainable feature and lead to improvement in the community where our clients are doing business.


What We Offer

We offer two key environmental consultancy services which are:


Environmental Impact Assessment

Our Environmental Impact Assessment Service is aimed at identifying potential impacts of projects on the environment. It is useful in decision making as it helps project sponsors get a better understanding of the environmental effects which can be included in the project analysis. This service is offered in the planning stage of projects to help in selection of environmentally fir sites, technologies, and methodologies.

Environmental Audit

Environmental Audit (EA) is an annual systematic documented and evaluation of how processes and activities in an ongoing project to determine their compliance with the approved environmental management plan and best practices. An environmental audit promotes a safe and conducive environment at all project stages. With an EA, you can ensure your project complies with environmental requirements.

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We can help you in your project. Our expert team is ready to conduct an audit and help you get NEMA approval.