We offer environmental consultancy services to businesses and individuals looking to implement projects that require environmental audit and NEMA licensing.

“We help you identify and mitigate potential impacts of your project and harmonize it with the environmental policies and regulations for sustainable development.”

Application for various licenses in waste management such as:

Transportation of waste.

Operating a waste disposal site or plant.

The recycling industries for plastics, sludge/used oil, waste paper, scrap metal, bone etc.

Clearance for Primary Industrial Plastic Packaging.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Developing Environmental Impact Assessment reports under the following themes:

  1. Identification of potential environmental impacts resulting from a proposed development, assessment of the significance of these impacts and proposing the mitigation measures against the negative effects identified.
  2. Assessing the alternative plans, designs and sites of proposed projects and presenting data on environmental impacts of proposed alternatives.
  3. Preparation of environmental management and monitoring plans for a proposed project.
  4. Assessing the compliance of a project with provisions of legal, institutional frameworks as provided in the Environmental Management and Coordination act (CAP 387).
  5. Proposing measures to prevent health and safety hazards and to ensure security in the working environment for the employees, residents and the management in case of emergencies.
  6. Generating baseline data on how mitigation and evaluation measures will be carried out during implementation of a project.
  7. Preparing EIA Project Reports compliant with the Environmental Management and Coordination Act (CAP 387).

Environmental Audit

Developing Environmental Audit reports under the following themes:

  • Identifying and assessing the potential environmental and social impacts of a facility activities.
  • Identifying and recommending measures for mitigation of potential adverse impacts.
  • Verifying the level of a facility compliance with environmental and key national regulation.
  • Generating baseline data for monitoring and evaluation during the facility project cycle.
  • Preparing EA Project Reports compliant with the Environmental Management andCoordination Act (CAP 387) and detailing findings and recommendations.

Looking to start a project? You need to have an environmental management plan in place to mitigate against the risks of your proposed project on the environment. It is also key in getting approval from NEMA to start your project. This lessens interference with your project as it complies with the environmental laws in place.


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