Step in Conducting an EIA

Screening. It is done to determine whether an EIA is required for the proposed project

Scoping. Looks at the areas that the EIA will cover. It should be in line with the TOR provided.

Baseline study. Provides the description of the current situation of the environment before the proposed project is implemented.

Impact prediction. It involves predicting the likely impacts that will result from the proposed project.

Impact assessment. Involves checking the level of significance for the identified impacts.
Development of Mitigation measures. This is how the identified impacts will be addressed

Public participation. People are consulted and their views obtained in regard to the proposed project.

Development of an EIA report as per the Environmental Management and Coordination Act (CAP 387).

Review of the EIA report by NEMA. The EIA report is submitted to NEMA for review after which NEMA may request for more information, documentation and stakeholders opinion in regard to the project. The project is either approved or not.

Evaluation: If the project is approved and implemented, one should conduct annual environmental Audit.

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